Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mrs. Gisler's garden

A year has past since we wrote about the gardens of Mrs. Stine and Mrs. Nonaka. As the AIC Color 2011 midterm meeting date approaches, we slowly approach the venue, and what is better than exploring the local gardens?

Although last year's gardens had Japanese roots, they showed the clear signs of California's punishing arid climate. In Zurich, the climate is almost as moist as in Japan, so we can expect a comparable lushness. Today we visit Mrs. Gisler's garden:

red flowers

The many tones of green are perfect, without any trace of blemishes from a scorching sun and deprivation of moisture in the air. At the moment it is raining and the brilliant green of the leaves is further accentuated.

Violette Blume

Yellow flowers too:

Yellow? What is that yellow man-made object in the distance? Is it trying to compete with the flowers?

It is a small yellow table in front of a fancy metallic bench. Its perfect smooth geometry contrasts with nature's fractals.

Step back. Are we in gamut?

Let us check from closer:

From the bench, beyond the yellow table, we look on a small pond.

Despite the loud colors, it is very quiet here. The only sounds are distant, from up the ridge, were near Johanna Spyri's birthplace (immortalized in Heidi) the cows and goats graze, the bells tolling at their each step.

In the pond, the fish are busy eating the mosquitos floating on the still pond.

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