Friday, June 10, 2011

Color semiotics

Color semiotics: everyone is talking about it these days, but where can we find a certain rule or framework which defines it? What parameters are involved? Is this framework useful for designers? Can it be communicated? Can its variation be modelled?

Meet Maryam M. Darrodi, who is trying to answer all of these questions in her Ph.D. research under supervision of Professor Stephen Westland in the University of Leeds.

But there is a part for you too. You can join her Global Online Survey about Colour Semiotics in your very own native language and answer a few questions about a certain color by just clicking on this link:

This survey takes less than 3 minutes and you can participate as many times as you wish (each time you will be presented with a different color).

For more information visit


  1. Google for "Color semiotics" = 1,150 results.

    Google for "Lady Gaga" = 566,000,000 results.

    Maybe not *everyone* is talking about it...

  2. The readership of this blog is quite sophisticated. I do not have actual numbers, but my guess is that more readers of Mostly Color talk about color semiotics than of lady Gaga. I hope this is true also for you, dear Anonymous.