Monday, June 27, 2011

pre-press is dead

Managers sometimes argue that it is not necessary to attend conferences, because the papers can be read more efficiently in the proceedings. As several post in this blog prove, this is not true, because there are all the discussions in the Q&A periods, breaks, receptions, etc.

One tidbit picked up at the last AIC meeting is that a report will soon appear proving electronic displays are now equivalent to paper in reading efficiency and comfort. It is an easy guess, that in the near future Apple will apply its 326 ppi retina display to the iPad and Samsung will do a corresponding move with its AMOLED based One Cell Touch display OCTA on its Galaxy line. Add E Ink's Triton and it becomes clear that squirting ink on dead trees is a thing of the past. Adobe's latest Creative Suite release is testimony to this shift.

Accordingly, pre-press is a dead word. Please write or say pre-media from now on.

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