Saturday, October 3, 2009

Translucent Metallics

On one page is a fluorescent green vellum and on the other is a translucent metallic paper.

Not your typical course notes. But then this was an afternoon class at PINC on paper basics given by Sabine Lenz, founder of PaperSpecs.

Early on Sabine asked the attendees how many commercially available print papers there are. Lots of hesitation and some wilds guesses before she answered that the PaperSpecs database lists 4,500 papers.

Thats a lot of types of paper. But I believe it. I ended up with over 100 types on the floor of my cube not that long ago.

First up was a review of the basics of paper making:

Then was a review of various paper properties. The section on basis weights was helpful in that I think all of my future data should be metric even if I have to compute grams per square meter myself.

Next was in depth discussion of some sample media including the translucent metallic mentioned earlier. There were other sample jobs, swatchbooks and print samples, including a highly praised sample from the Canon ImagePress C1+ with clear toner printing.

Finally were sections about sustainability and specing paper. Overall an informative and enjoyable course. And look at that, the latest PaperSpecs post is about printing on colored stock.


  1. Yet another application where Metric clearly outshines non-metric but never catches on (in the US)

    You don't like that 20# bond is heavier than 50# book?

  2. Yeah the whole cut to three sizes based on cover, text and writing and weigh in pounds just doesn't do it. Take a meter of paper and weigh it grams sounds good.