Monday, October 19, 2009

Objects Make Better Gifts

This weekend was Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco.

During a webcomics panel at least two of the panelists said one of the reasons they decided to try out publishing a webcomic was to be able to experiment with color in their comics.

Which is to say web color is still cheaper than printed color.

Batton Lash was one of the panelists to state that use of color was one of his considerations for a webcomic. Batton is the creator of Supernatural Law, a webcomic with the tagline: Beware creatures of the night - they have lawyers. Good stuff.

Later in the panel, Batton also stated that it was his opinion that the major comic publishers would eventually abandon monthly serial publication of 4 dollar comics books. Thinking back to my days buying 40 cent monthly comics this would be quite a shift.

Several panelists did come to the support of printed pages with the observation that URLS don't make good gifts. There was also general agreement that while webcomics were great for reaching and growing an audience for your work nothing matched print for generating revenue. The free web comics were the driver for eventual printed collections of these comics. Overall quite an informative panel.

One of the other highlights of APE was getting a printed copy of Masterpiece Comics from R. Sikoryak. Brilliant stuff - including a version of Kafka's Die Verwandlung told with Charlie Brown as Gregor Samsa. Hilarious.

It will make a great gift.


  1. Moreover, comics are not just for kids anymore (if that were ever true).

    Check out LogiComix, a comic-book style novel about the development of the foundations of mathematics, that centers around the life of Russell.

  2. Checked out the link - very nice. Now we need someone to do a comic book adaptation for Principia Mathematica...

  3. Naturalis, you don't mean this Principia, but this Principia, where *110.643 in Vol. III informs us that "The above proposition is occasionally useful." ... although some remains.

  4. Erm .. that was supposed to be ... although some doubt remains.

    [I hate these little edit windows]