Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Color of Grasped Porcine Liver

From the medical imaging side of color comes the paper "CIELAB and sRGB color values of in vivo normal and grasped porcine liver" by Smita De and co-authors.

The above is actually the in vivo normal porcine liver color.

But the paper is not just about a seemingly obscure medical color name but is in fact about the importance of color in medical simulators.

In this case the authors were investigating the effect of stress or compression on porcine livers based on the color.

They tried three techniques including estimation from a specialized color test target, contact spectrophotometry and expert subjective evaluation of the colors. Each has it's own advantages and challenges. But the basic idea is that color feedback might be used in medical simulators to train doctors performing minimally invasive surgery.

And based on their results, below is the color of grasped porcine liver.

Thanks to Bob for forwarding the paper.

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