Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seven Things to do with a New Palm Pre Plus

The new Palm Pre Plus is here. Yeeha! Time to make a list of seven things to do with a new Palm Pre Plus, and yes at least one of the items is color related.

1. Learn How to Take Screenshots

This has been covered elsewhere but without a photo of which buttons to press. For visual reference, here's an image of which buttons to press to take a screenshot:

This capability should not be used to perform a related screenshot prank.

2. Review the Gestures

Take a moment to review the gestures. The text selection gestures are quite useful.

3. Check Out the Color Apps

From the App Catalog you can find various apps, including color related ones. I've got the Colors app by Richard Denton and the ColorHarmony app by the coding bees on my Pre.

4. Listen to WBER in the Kitchen

OK maybe this is not for everyone, but a variation of it probably is. Going back to the Rochester, New York years I used to listen to WBER on the radio. Years later I can set my phone on wi-fi connect to the household network, go to the web-site, stream the audio and then plug my phone into the aging kitchen speakers. It looks something like this:

and if you get a phone call or need to make a phone call, the streaming audio goes to a minimized card. After you hang up the music starts again. Easy peasy.

Or if you want to look up a video for a band, like Hey Marseilles song "Rio" you can do that at the same time.

Which is to say a radio station thousands of miles away, streams audio bits to the web, which are then routed to the home wi-fi, on to the phone and then finally to the speakers. Convoluted but it works. And what do you know, The Spotlight Review is still on...

5. Check Out the Photo Apps

There is a good list of photo viewer apps here and the Photo Effects app is discussed here.

6. Test Out Tools

Fine this is a self-referential post but it sort of has a point. As generic web apps - the online color thesaurus, the world wide gamma and other interactive posts work seamlessly from platform to platform, and not too surprisingly on webOS. JavaScript like the rabbit banging the drum, just keeps going. We'll have to go to Antonio's when the oldest active JavaScript turns 10.

7. Put It In Developer Mode

Well OK maybe the developer mode is another item not for everyone (nor is its relationship to the Konami code) but take it as a cliff-hanger ending for future posts...

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