Friday, April 2, 2010

World Wide Gamma

This is an experiment to estimate an average gamma or display non-linearity for the World Wide Web.

To participate, use the tool shown below to create an equal lightness step ramp. To create this ramp use the '+' and '-' buttons to lighten or darken the corresponding patches above the buttons. A black patch is shown furthest to the left, a white patch is shown furthest to the right and initially the intermediate patches are shown with random lightnesses.

When you are satisfied with your equal lightness step ramp press the 'plot' button to submit your data and view a plot of your results (black dots) versus the current average (red dots). You will also be able to submit optional feedback about your display and viewing conditions.

Thank you for your participation.

Note: The above background for the ramp consists of relatively coarse black and white squares in order to anchor the ramp to an approximate middle gray without using a solid gray, which would vary by display.


  1. Cool idea - I look forward to the results :)

  2. You should add a drop-down for operating system. OS X pre-10.6 used a different gamma than windows/linux/OSX 10.6