Friday, May 14, 2010

Why <img>? How <img>?

The teaser posting of a Deep Dive into HTML5 includes an interesting section on the question: Why <img> for HTML?

The <img> tag is of course the HTML tag for an image.

Which is such a simple question given the possible alternatives at the time, such as <icon> and <include>. It's a good read. As is the observation that "shipping code wins".

Avoiding a re-posting of the seven principles that drove a competing vision for HTML (and a lengthy digression on color standards), the only unique contribution of this post is how to create a Blogger post about a tag.

Do not use the greater than and less than signs directly - instead use the & l t ; and & g t ; (with the spaces removed) otherwise the title field will try to interpret the tag directly. Which means it will disappear. Instead use something like this:

Ironically I used a hand-written <img> to embed the above image into this post. Of course getting the post title right doesn't necessarily mean that search engines will but at least your tagophilic readers might appreciate the effort.


  1. Who you callin' a tagophile? Out east them's fightin' words! ;-)

    Thanks for the pointer. That is a fascinating document, if not too surprising.

  2. Indeed. Let's just say people whose leisure reading includes the history of specific tags ;) Glad you found it useful.