Monday, March 5, 2007

Looking in from outside

Usually I write about what I see when I look out of my window. Today I am stepping out on the terrace and looking in.

I assume quite a few of you readers will be at PMA in Las Vegas March 8–11, 2007. When you will exchange business cards with my colleagues, you will notice a new project name. Yes, we have been reorganized to better address our top leader's vision of being aligned with the divisions. Our new project name is Computational Color Research and there are more of us. In the summer we are also getting spacious brand new labs on the floor downstairs. In summary: these are good times for us.

Of course I cannot tell you what we are up to, as this is confidential. But at PMA our top leadership's vision for color will be announced and you will read about it all over the press. If you are not able to attend PMA, you can follow it on their blog. You will not see anyting on this blog, because all these new happenings will be covered in detail on our Newsroom Web site.

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