Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Red Lips

Yoko's Lips

Sometimes the news are old news. For example, in today's late night World News broadcast, NHK had a piece on a new lipstick technology presented last September at the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists congress in Buenos Aires by Tomoko Ikeda of the Shiseido Research Center.

Current lipstick consists of a pigment suspended in a polymer. As the polymer dries out, the pigment easily transfers to other surfaces, like for example a mug. According to the news piece, Tomoko Ikeda mixed in the suspension a second polymer locking in place the pigments.

In patent-speak: Disclosed is a lip cosmetic which has a good gloss and a high stability while continuously being free from secondary stickiness after application. Specifically disclosed is a lip cosmetic characterized by comprising: (a) 4.5 to 35 mass% of glycerol monoisostearate; (b) 20 to 80 mass% of one or more kinds of methyl phenyl silicones which are not separated out when mixed with the component (a) at 90ºC but separated out when mixed with the component (a) at 25ºC; (c) 5 mass% or more, relative to the component (a), of water and/or 24 mass% or less, relative to the total cosmetic, of glycerol; and (d) 4 to 10 mass% of a wax.