Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mirror Measures Body Temperature

A Japanese technology firm unveiled a mirror-like thermometer that can identify a person who is feverish. "Thermo Mirror," which looks like a table mirror, measures the skin temperature of the person looking into it, without the need for physical contact, said the firm, NEC Avio Infrared Technologies. The person's temperature is displayed on the surface, and the device has an alarm that will beep when detecting a subject who is feverish. "We foresee uses at corporate receptions, schools, hospitals and public facilities," NEC Avio said in a statement. The company said it aimed to sell 5,000 units in one year.

The mirror comes in a standard and an economy version. At ¥98,000 for the economy version, this is unlikely to be a gadget you will install in your powder room or atrium.

Thermo Mirror by NEC Avio Infrared Technologies

[Source: Science & Technology News from Japan, January 2011, Dr. Felix Moesner]

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