Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warmed-up Color Slides

Around 1986, I prepared a set on slides on digital color reproduction. In 1990, enough people bugged me about them, that I converted them from Tioga to FrameMaker. Over the Nineties, I gave this tutorial—which at some point I renamed to Understanding Color because it evolved more into an introduction to color science than a primer in color reproduction—many times, each time updating it with the latest feedback.

In 2004, a benefactor gave me a laptop and I converted the slides from portrait format for overhead projectors to landscape format for beamers. In 2008 the benefactor surprised me with a new laptop, for which there no longer was FrameMaker, so once again I converted the slides, this time to LaTeX. The old Frame slides, I made available on SlideShare.

As a society, in this country we are now investing our wealth more in the financial industry than in technology. If I look at the PISA scores, I should move from Palo Alto to Shanghai, but I guess I am too old now for switching to a fifth culture. Therefore, since the slides were viewed, downloaded, embedded by more than 3000 people, I am making available the 2010 version for the benefit of whoever can make good use of them.

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