Friday, January 28, 2011

EI papers

The SPIE/IS&T Electronic Imaging Symposium is over and being wrapped up. The event was successful and the increased attendance is a positive signal of the improving economy. The quality of the papers was generally high and the technical discussions in the corridors were intense, letting us hope for good papers being incubated from this synergistic interactions and being presented at EI 2012 in the same location 22–26 January.

Our papers were very well received. We received many questions on our paper "Is it turquoise + fuchsia = purple or is it turquoise + fuchsia = blue?", which was generally referred to as "the calibrated lunch paper." The paper is now available online at this permalink:

This year's traditional session on the Dark Side of Color will forever be remembered for Dr. Gabriel Marcu interrupting the presentation as Dr. Bob Ulichney was sneaking out of the room and announcing "Dr. Ulichney has left the building" in reference to Elvis.

Our paper for the session on the Dark Side of Color was more about being in the dark on color. The title "ICC profiles: are we better off without them?" is of course very controversial, but when the consequences are in the billions of dollars, the gloves are off and print service providers (PSP) will do what they have to do. In the hallways, this paper was referred to by a comment made in the Q&A period: "is it legal to profile ICC profiles?" The paper is now available online at this permalink:

I hope next year we can counter this question with plenty of detailed information. One thing though will be sure: the committee dinner will be again at Sakae.

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