Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Electronic Imaging Symposium

The due date for the IS&T / SPIE Electronic Imaging Symposium is coming up 28 June 2010.

Imaging is pervasive in the human experience, be it through photographs that we take in our everyday lives to those that are used in space exploration, medical imaging, entertainment, science, or security. Electronic Imaging 2011 is the one international conference where papers on all aspects of electronic imaging are presented, and where you can develop both your career and business by networking with leading researchers and entrepreneurs in the field.

New for EI 2011 is the conference on Parallel Processing for Imaging Applications, chaired by John D. Owens, Univ. of California, Davis; I-Jong Lin, Hewlett-Packard Labs.; Yu-Jin Zhang, Tsinghua Univ. (China).

Dr. I-Jong Lin explains, "with all the changes in computer architecture and networked systems, I think this conference has a tremendous and timely opportunity to give serious insight how optimization of computer architecture can lead a greater understanding of how we represent and perceive the world."

Prof. John Owens of UC Davis adds, "we would be delighted to have a wide range of submissions for a high-quality program and hope you will help us with this goal."

Due Dates: Abstract (500 words) and Summary (200 words): 28 June 2010
Manuscript for On-site Proceedings: 15 November 2010

For more information see http://tinyurl.com/ei111ppia

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