Monday, April 12, 2010

Color Imaging XVI: Call for Papers

The 2011 SPIE/IST Electronic Imaging Conference has posted calls for papers on the conference web site. As a memeber of the program commitee of the Color Imaging XVI: Displaying, Hardcopy, Processing, and Applications conference, please consider submitting a color imaging related abstract.

The conferences will be held 23 - 27 January 2011 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel in San Francisco, CA.

The dues date for abstract (500 words) and summaries (200 words) is 28 June 2010.

From the call for papers:

"Areas of interest include:
image processing for color input, softcopy / hardcopy output and electronic publishing: automatic color correction, image preference processing (automatic as well as user-guided ), visual tolerance, quantization, halftoning, data compression and artifact reduction

color reproduction: spatial aspects of color, color in context, color reproduction across devices, network color management, color appearance, color preference and estimation, chromatic adaptation, computational color science, high dynamic range imaging and tone mapping, wide gamut imaging systems, wide pixel encoding and image processing pipelines

device modeling and characterization: scanners, displays, systems, color models, lookup table methods, color conversion algorithms, gamut mapping, color correction, device limitations, device characterization, methodology, color metrology

effects of extra-spectral attributes: paper UV fluorescence, infra-red behavior, etc. and their influence on rendering systems and architectures: device independent color implementation in commercial systems, color management, color matching device drivers, system performance, imaging workflow

applications of color hard and soft copy: medical imaging, cartography, fine arts, use of color in documents, new communications media, knowledge delivery

color image encoding and standards: interchange languages, file formats, color encoding, ICC profiles

representation and encoding of compound documents: mixed raster content, multiplane imaging models, document compression."

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