Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Historical Color Translations on the ISCC Web Site

The ISCC has posted two historical color translations on it's web site. The translations include Aus dem Gebiet der Farbreizmetrik or On Color Stimulus Metrics by Robert Luther and Philipp Otto Runge’s Farben­Kugel or Color Sphere.

So now if you've ever asked yourself what is the Luther Condition, you can refer to Rolf Kuehni's translations of the original text.


  1. The Luther condition is satisfied when an observer is stricken with the urge or desire to enumerate a list of 95 theses decrying the use of indulgences to cleanse oneself of sins, or objecting to the use of an average delta E as a metric for color quality in images and hang this list on the nearest church door.

  2. I believe you are the first commenter to juxtapose Martin Luther and Robert Luther in order to object to color mononumerosis...