Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dark Side of Color

Last November I wrote shortly about the session called The Dark Side of Color at EI. The session is now starting. Here are our slides:

At the moment the server is having some hesitations after slide 11. If the problem still persists, click here.


  1. nice presentation n8, and i fully agree that we need a culture "independent" perceptual colour space to facilitate colour communication between cultures. Although there are few "purple" problems that we have to discuss ;)

  2. Thanks for the kind words - Giordano did in fact do most of the hard work. As for "purple", certainly let's talk ;)

  3. The Munsell system in sRGB gamut suffers from under-representation of the cyan/yellow region that has as a result an unbalanced overpopulated purple region in the sample set. Personally I find that the actual problem is the small gamut of sRGB that was developed for CRT displays.

    What is your opinion? In our days the majority of the online users have an LCD display.