Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hue Angles blog

The ISCC (Inter-Society Color Council) now has a blog, which allows color scientists to interact on articles published in the Hue Angles column of the ISCC Newlsletter. Here is how its editor Dr. Michael H. Brill of Dataclor descibes this new blog, whose name is Hue Angles:

In fall 2006, Hue Angles began as a column for the ISCC News, devoted to tidbits of interesting lore shared by ISCC members in short-essay form. In its first year, the topics spanned color in wetland preservation, spinning disks under colored lights, personal recollections of selling color-matching systems, green in the fashion industry, how to measure color using a beer cooler, and color contextual effects. Almost any color-related topic is fair game. As of fall 2007, Hue Angles is also being posted here to facilitate lively discussion. As always, you can submit ideas or contributions for the column itself to Michael H. Brill,

Prof. Osvaldo da Pos, University of Padua, Italy contributed the first post, which is on colors and contectual effects.

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