Sunday, June 8, 2014

藍 versus 青 compared to 綠

Jingyi Gao has completed the dissertation: "Basic Color Terms in Chinese: Studies after the Evolutionary Theory of Basic Color Terms" which has as in its abstract the following summary:

The present dissertation researches basic color terms in seven historical and three contemporary lects (i.e., language varieties) of the Sinitic (i.e., Chinese) language family (commonly understood as Chinese languages in the West) with reference to the two main conceptions of the evolutionary theory of basic color terms: (1) The evolutionary trajectories of basic color terms (Berlin & Kay 1969: 2–3; Kay et al. 2009: 10–11, 30ff.); and (2) the composite color categories (Kay 1975; Kay et al. 1991: 15). The present studies of this dissertation has two main parts: (1) A philological portion on two themes (1.1) the basic color terms for black, white and red in Chinese lects; and (1.2) the official colors of Chinese regimes; (2) An experimental portion on the basic color terms in Mandarin Chinese.

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