Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lou Silverstein

In the mid-80s, when we were building up the new digital color research area at PARC, we invited as many color scientists active in digital reproduction as we could. We had two motives: scope the field and identify potential candidates to hire.

One visitor stood out for his deep knowledge both in color vision science and in the mathematical modeling of reproduced color. With his tall slender figure he was immediately recognizable, and his soft voice was very determined in technical discussions. He also had a unique curriculum vitæ: he developed the avionics color displays for Honeywell and Boeing while never changing location; his employer would change, but his lab remained intact. While others were trying to characterize CRTs, he build a complete model for LCD displays; without him, we would not have high fidelity color LCD displays today.

Dr. Louis D. Silverstein has died at age 61. Farewell Lou!

Louis D. Silverstein

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