Monday, November 15, 2010

The Face of Sydney

I was poking around on the Web and found a link to this article. I no longer recall where I originally saw it, but it perfectly ties in to a few of the other threads of our blog.
When I first saw this, I immediately saw ties to the World Wide Gamma. I love the idea of taking loads of data, mashing it up, and seeing what happens. Last Friday I mentioned this to Giordano and he immediately saw the ties to Nathan's prosopagnosia post. I love our 9:30 AM Friday breakfast meetup!
Here is a short video describing the process:
  • People were drawn from Pyrmont, Millers Point, Rosebery, Redfern, Waterloo, Newtown, East Sydney, Glebe, The Rocks, Ultimo, Haymarket, CBD and Alexandria.
  • The oldest was 93 and the youngest two weeks.
  • Some 54 per cent of participants described their ancestry as Anglo Saxon Celtic, 3 per cent as Indigenous Australians, 4 per cent as having South American ancestry and 11 per cent Chinese ancestry.
  • Participants reflected the diverse or homogenous ethnic origins and age structure of the local population.
Although they do not have all of the photos, there is a gallery of ~160 of the participants here.


  1. There's just something about eigenfaces... they look like everybody and nobody particular all at once.

  2. As a dinky die Melbournian, I can affirm Sydnee [sic] people do look like that.