Friday, December 18, 2009

Real Virtual Pages and Virtual Real Pages

From the in-box comes two different links to digital pages. In one case it's real virtual pages and in the other it's virtual real pages. From Udi comes a link to a set of collectible magcloud magazines relating to the movie Avatar. Which is interesting - a dynamic and timely publication of a physical artifact based on a movie largely constructed with computer graphics.

But what does this have to do with football you may be asking yourself?

From Pere comes a link to the concept of Sports Illustrated on a tablet device. Virtual hands turn simulated pages in a demo video. There's video, football and gratuitous swimware. The cover moves when you tap it. There's plenty of extra photos of all the games.

The virtual version of the real magazine is quite convincing.

But it's confusing.

A movie named after a hindu term meaning 'to transcend' becomes tangible through print. A printed product devoted to sports becomes intangible through a tablet. But what is the after-market value of a virtual version of a collectible swimsuit issue? Why are the landscape formatted pages so strange on the eye? It's like watching a portrait mode television. Where are the virtual ever-effective subscription inserts?

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