Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where is the AIC?

The closest HP approved hotel to NSW University in Sydney is in Coogee Bay, not at walking distance and not near a bus line, but it is a very nice hotel.

Medina Hotel, Coogee Bay

The area is very diverse and multicultural.

Shops along Coogee Bay Road

The block down from the hotel is a row of coffee shops, and their coffee is excellent.

Cooffe shops along Coogee Bay Road

Before leaving Palo Alto I was very busy thinking about the code I am wrangling for my day job, so I forgot to read and print out the information of how to reach the venue. I did print and take the advance program, but it had only the auditorium names, and none of the students and staff ambulating on the campus had ever heard these names. I ended up systematically scanning the campus in a zigzag pattern and entering each building with crowds of people, until in the middle of the campus I found a building with the familiar faces of the AIC delegates.

It turns out, other people in the registration line had similar experiences, with up of two hours of random walks in the campus being reported. When I asked the registration lady why the venue is not marked, she explained my mistake was that walking up from Coogee Bay I entered through the rear gate instead from the front gate, which is on the opposite end. Since the Internet subnet for the congress is not yet up, I decide to make the formal entrance from Anzac Parade. Here is what you see standing on Anzac Parade and look towards the conference building:

view from Anzac Parade

Do you see the white poster in the window with AIC written in the upper right corner?

Let me zoom in then:

zoomed in

Do you see it now? Well, let us walk up:

do you see it now?

How about now?

do you see it now?

Well, this is as close as you can get:

do you see it now?

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  1. Look at that brilliant blue sky - nice to see you on the quest for AIC. Do post more as the week progresses. And do I see some sea off at the end of the second photo?