Wednesday, April 4, 2007

IS&T 2007 Honors and Awards

A few minutes ago the IS&T announced its 2007 Honors and Awards. For the details see IS&T's press release. Here is the the summary.

Honorary Member:  Jan Allebach

“For his many and diverse contributions to imaging science; including halftoning, digital image processing, color management, visual perception, and image quality.”

Carlson Award:  Hiroyuki Kawamoto

“For his significant contributions to practical aspects of the technology of electrophotography.”

 Bowman Award:  Hiroaki Kotera

“For a lifelong dedication in advising young researchers building successful careers in image processing and color science.”

Fellowship:  Ralph Jacobson, Shoji Tominaga, Bahram Javidi, Rob Buckley, Daniele Marini

Jacobson:  “For his contributions to the field of image quality metrics and his leadership in imaging science education.”

Tominaga:  “For his contributions to color imaging science, particularly the interaction of light with materials, color constancy, and illuminant estimation.”

Javidi:  “For his contributions to 3-D imaging science, information security, and image recognition.”

Buckley:  “For his contributions to gamut mapping, color encoding, document encoding, and their standardization.”

Marini:  “For his contributions to computer graphics and his development of a practical approach to Retinex theory.”

Senior Membership:  Jim King, Jim Owens, Franziska Frey

King:  “For his many contributions to the leadership of IS&T and its conferences.”

Owens: “For his dedicated work for IS&T as a conference organizer, national officer, lecturer, and committee chair.”

Frey:  “For her leadership in establishing and promoting the Archiving Conference and her contributions to the organization of many other IS&T conferences.”

Journal Award, Science: Richard P.N. Veregin, Maria N.V. McDougall, Michael S. Hawkins, Coung Vong, Vladislav Skorokhod, and Henry P. Schreiber

 “A Bidirectional Acid-Base Charging Model for Triboelectrification: part I.  Theory” and “part II.  Experimental Verification by Inverse Gas Chromatography and Charging of Metal Oxides,”  Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, 50 #3, 282-287 and 288-293, 2006

Journal Award, Engineering:  Beat Münch and Úlfar Steingrimmsson

”Optimized RGB for Image Data Encoding,” Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, 50 #2, 125-138, 2006

Itek Award:  Veronika Chovankova-Lovell

“Novel Phase Change Inks for Printing Three-Dimensional Structures,” Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, 50 #6, 550-555, 2006

Service Award:  Roger David Hersch

“For his long term contributions to the organization of the Electronic Imaging conferences.”

Gutenberg Prize:  Jeff Folkins

“For his substantial contributions to electrophotography and his more recent innovations in solid ink jet printing.”

Davis Scholarship:  Bhaskar Choubey and Steve Viggiano

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